8 Apr 2011


Pempek is a kind of Indonesian cuisines that comes from Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.Pempek is made with the ingredients dominated of flesh of fish. Initially made from fish pempek Belida. However, with increasingly scarce and expensive price Belida fish, the fish are replaced with cork fish that are cheaper, but with a sense that still tasty.

There are many variety of pempek and the most famous pempek is "pempek kapal selam" ("kapal selam" means "submarine" in English). This pempek is actually made of egg (usually chicken), wrapped together with the pempek dough and being deep fried. Scientific says that pempek kapal selam is the most nutritious, high in vitamin, protein, mineral, and carbohydrate. Besides "pempek kapal selam", there are also "pempek telur kecil", "pempek keriting", "pempek pistel (or paste)", "pempek kulit ikan", "pempek adaan", "pempek lenjer", and "pempek tahu". Pempek pastel is pempek which has groceries, inside its own body.
Pempek is eaten together with a dark sauce called cuka or cuko (in bahasa Palembang). Cuko is produced from adding brown sugar, chili pepper, garlic, vinegar, and salt into hot boiling water.

How to make Pempek Palembang

In further developments, used also other types of river fish, such as fish putak, toman, and persuasion. Marine fish species are also used as Tenggiri, Red Snapper, parang-parang, yellow tail, and the fish.

Pempek material:
1. Sago Tani  as much as 3 pack @ 500gr (total 1500g)
2. Huge spanish mackerel (1 kg, when milled / cleared into700 grams)
3. Salt to taste (for 1 cup = 1 tablespoon salt)
4. Seasonings taste (2 teaspoons)
5. Cold water ripe6. Hot water (boiled) are given a little cooking oil.

How to make:
* Clean the mackerel and fish minced meat grinder used, onlymeat only, skin and thorns removed.* Combine the minced fish with cold water with a ratio of 1:1(Or 1:3 / 4 to better feel the fish).* Measure with a bowl of meatballs (small / medium) and when to 2 1 / 2bowl, mix with cold water as much as 2 1 / 2 cup as well (orless, depending on the going much sago or not).* Enter the fine salt with a tablespoon size pressed, much asthe number of fish and water bowl, in this case as much as 5 tablespoonspressed.* Enter the same seasonings and stir well.* Enter the sago flour slowly while stirring.When the proper dose, will use corn starch as much as 1 kg, ifmostly water, the more necessary sago and fish taste lessfelt.* When the dough is smooth (not sticky), can be formed roundor oval (lenjer) sprinkled sago flour by hand and then boiled.After Pempek float boiled, lift, rain, and then fried or preparedeaten.* When you are accustomed to, can make Pempek raw egg contents,like making pastels.

Materials cuko / gravy pempek:1. 250 grams palm sugar
2. 50 grams of acid Java, avoid using vinegar kitchen
3. 750 ml water
4. 5 cloves garlic, finely chopped4. 2 tablespoons dried shrimp, mashed
5. 1 teaspoon salt6. 10 d 20 pieces chili pepper, crushed (optional spicy).

How to make:
* Boil the palm sugar (red), tamarind, water, then strain.* Add garlic, dried shrimp, cayenne pepper and salt, bring to a boilback and lift.* Vinegar is ready served with Pempek.

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  1. great menu.. keep it up k..^_^

  2. mantab,,,,,,
    menu from indonesia...
    palembang,,,,,jadi laperr

  3. to shezwan n Batiktulis
    pempek = enyak-enyak-enyak!!!
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