3 Apr 2011


Do you like to read comics?
What theme you like best? Romantic? Sport? Detective? Cooking / Food? or the other?

Hmm .. I like reading comics, I don't know my own confused whether this is a good hobby or not? LOL ...
Increasingly, the more expensive the price of comics, this is a state that is not wanted. Now I should be able to control the urge to buy comics that much every time when the bookstore. Now only a great comic series that I still buy, like a comic detective conan, born to cook, shihwamong, and that guy was Splendid.

Now, I'm searching for comics born to cook the number 6 and  comic That guys was splendid the numbers 2-3 and still faithfully waiting for the continuation of the comic shihwamong number 11-and so on, which is not also published, huh!

I think, you must be familiar with the comic detective conan. But, maybe you're not too familiar with the comic born to cook, shihwamong and That guys was Splendid. Comics born to cook is a comic that tells the story about the world of cooking. I really like the comic with the theme of cooking / food,  because comics with this theme, always describe the expression which I feel really redundant, for example when cooking or the taste of a dish, then the character in this comic says the word "delicious" with twinkling eyes, drifting into space, just as all the bones apart, it's so funny.
While comics shihwamong and  comic That guys was Splendid is a comic that tells
the story like a Korean drama. This comic was written by a Korean author, so the story of this comic drama korea once and highly prominent figures depicted in this comic is very beautiful and handsome!
Why do not I just read a novel?
Sometimes I also read novels, but not as often as before. Somehow the comic more interesting to read than the novel, perhaps because the comic is more varied, there were images, shorter time to read at leisure. Reading the novel is a bit boring, the story is longer, as will our eyes stuffed with very long sentences.

Sometimes when in a bookstore, I often feel funny when there are young mothers who choose comics fun choosing. In fact, she looks more excited than his son. Am I going to be like the young mother one day? Still reading comics? Was when I was old later still reading comics, such as comic detective conan? LOL ...

When can I stop reading comics? ---> May!!!

in the month of May???

Maybe yes...
Maybe no...

I do not know ... I like comics!!!

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